Monday, March 16, 2009

Coffee Night

When : March 16, 2009
Where : Bo's Coffee
What : Coffee night
Why : When I go out for coffee it is usually with friends from the office. It is our only time to catch up on our current personal affairs and, uhm, Hollywood tsismis (gossip a.k.a. convo topic). i am in awe of my friends who can down more than three cups of brewed coffee. I simply do not have the system for it beyond the second cup. Hence, the camera shake in this picture.

This pic was taken outside the door of the coffee shop's restroom, a unisex. Now let me exhale a rant: UNISEX RESTROOMS SHOULD BE BANNED. OUTLAWED. FOREVER. Agree with me? Plus, somebody should wipe that mirror squeaky clean.

With me below is Tet whose vain tendencies spring into reality if opportunity presents itself.

Top: Green knit by SM; Jeans from Bayo; Caramel Bandana-stolen from Ruby of; Gold Loop Earrings from Tomato; shoes (not pictured) Prima Flats

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