Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Too Warm for Tights (But Who Cares, Right?)

When : March 13, 2009
Where : Sisterazzi J's Oathtaking Ceremony
Why : Black is the current running theme of my life (I dissociate it with negativity). With black tights, I didn't have to rub lotion on my legs again or touch up my toenails which, by the way, were in chipped black nailpolish, as none of my lower half will be in view. Hah! I didn't have much time to think about what I was going to wear, as long as it was a dress to go with the silver cocktail theme my sisters were wearing. Sometimes we plan our outfits around each other. It's a sister thing.
In these photos we locked ourselves inside the venue's second floor restroom and whored ourselves to the camera. It's a sister thing, too.
On Me: Little Black Dress-- For Me; Tights- Celine(yes, they do sell them); Open-toe Pumps--BClub; Purple Clutch--WhatWomenWant for SM

Left to Right: M, Me and J

On Sisterazzi J :Silver tube dress--made by Suking Mananahi (dressmaker) Ate Tata;Shoes--CharlesandKeith
On Sisterazzi M: Silk gray dress--Mags Closet; Shoes--Gibi
Congratulations, Sisterazzi J, who is now an M.D.


  1. the middle child wears black! LOL.


  2. Hahaha!

    Tin, it's the black phase. I am living it.