Thursday, June 18, 2009

Because I Can't Wear a Tee to Work

My Friday "diary" entry reads:
I woke up really late today and had to remind myself that it is not a Saturday and that I have a work deadline to beat. Mother was so kind to drive me to work (Thanks Ma, du sind die beste! Oh my, I hope my German is not effing bad. Please correct me on this. Danke!)

Here's me in my old reliable white shirt, skinnies and, to escape penalty in the office for breaking the dress code, grey jacket...

And my favorite part of the outfit? This necklace which I found at Chimes, a specialty store in Davao City. I'm thinking of making my own versions of this. I hope they are easy to make.

Top--White Tee from The Limited; Grey jacket from Paperdolls; Pants--Guess skinnies; Shoes--City Girl; Necklace--Solo

1 comment:

  1. So cute! Yes, the gray blazer is perfectly chic and office friendly. Haha, i feel the same way about dress code. The cross is gorgeous.