Friday, November 20, 2009

Rainy Days

I live in a tropical country, meaning, IT IS ALWAYS HOT AND HUMID. I know people who love the sun. But I am not one of them. In fact, I loathe the sun. Yes, I am a vampire and, no, Edward Cullen is not as dazzling as my Lestat. Or my Louis. Or my Armand.
Voice-over: Can someone please explain the outfit already?
Ok, I am wearing a typically untypical getup for my part of the world. It has been raining for days, thanks to the lovely Storm Urduja who is dilly-dallying, taking her sweet time over my town.

But while others sulk in this weather, I revel in it. Why? Because I am vain. There's no better time to wear full leg tights than stormy days (although someone should have reminded me to wear boots instead of open-toe oxfords. That's you, sister!)

Call me melancholic because I work better under gloomy weather. I am weird/happy that way.
What I'm wearing: Jacket--Chinese label I can't read; Wifebeater top--Old Navy; Skirt--MNG; Tights--Ate's; Shoes--Janeo


  1. We love your skirt! you look fabulous!

    -N + K

  2. so cute!!! the humid weather has always been a fashion problem. argh. ^^

  3. @Noelle + Kendall: Thank you ladies! I absolutely love your photoshoot by the lake. Keep it up!

    @toxic disco boy: I know right? Layering is most fun when it is actually cold outside.