Friday, April 1, 2011

[ Tea Party ]

This visit to Sonya's Garden in Tagaytay happened a couple of months ago. It was on a Sunday and the place was packed with old ladies who came together for a high school reunion. So I had this idea of looking like an old lady myself, someone who grows an herb garden and keeps stray cats (but I see Tin being the kind of cat lady with 12 human babies sired by an equally eccentric tree-hugger from Middle Earth.)

The garden is as beautiful as it was when I dropped by in 2007. The restaurant served the freshest salads and an array of odd-sounding yet tasty spreads, some of which I can't even pronounce. Guiltless pleasure is how I'd describe a typical lunch at Sonya's.

Polka dots against old rose and long black dress underneath were an instantaneous sartorial choice. Kaching! But I'm missing a black hat to complete the look. I guess that's for my next visit. (Top--Bayo; Black dress as a skirt--H&M; Sandals--Zara; Bag--Mango)


  1. Oh Sonya's Garden!I read good reviews about this place.Lovely pictures. ;D

  2. Thanks, Jing! I can't tell you enough how lovely the place is. If you like sanctuary from the busy urban life, drive over to Sonya's. Try their cheese hopia--they're the best! Best shared with a loved one. :)