Friday, May 13, 2011

[ Summer Goth ]

(Black shirt--HK Ladies' Market. Shorts--Expess. Sheer yellow top--Harrison's. Oxford shoes--Gibi)

These are photos taken five months ago during a friend's birthday brunch at Harbor Square, Manila Bay. The birthday girl took these and, as she was a newbie to my camera, I showed her the no-fuss technique of point and shoot. The results--not bad, ey? Hehehe.

One more thing that was no-fuss was the outfit--short pants, sheer blouse and black shirt as a cover-up and a most basic black tote to carry stuff around. This is how I do summer: pop of color but always with something black. Skull scarf says I can't do "sweet lady" at all. Si Bill Kaulitz man gud oi.

Last week while my sister and I were dressing up for thanksgiving lunch at home, she begged specifically that I wear COLOR. I thought it was funny, seeing that she cared about what I wore and wanted me to take after her without being overbearing. In the name of summer and sunshine, I complied.

Have a great Saturday, everyone.

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