Thursday, April 5, 2012

30-Day Photo Challenge, Day 1

Feeling a wee bit uninspired to do an outfit post, thanks to the crazy hot summer temperature that makes me want to undress than put together a decent outfit, I'm doing a 30-day photo challenge, which I will try to complete within the coming months.

Here we go.
Day 1: A picture of you and 15 facts about you

1. My middle name sounds like a glorified storage bin : Cavan. But I love it nontheless.
2. I put sili (chili peppers) in almost every condiment on the table and on anything on my plate. There's even a dessert I particularly like: Chili Choco Lava from Thai Me Up.
3. I don't drink "light" beer. I'm not fond of cocktail drinks either.The last time I ordered a drink I consider "girly" was Wengweng at a bar in Harbor Square, for a dear friend I welcomed from a long trip. But, boy, did it trip him up...for about 30 minutes. That was one potent pitcher:)
4. I love Quentin Tarantino.
5. I have Morton's toe. 
6. Sweet tooth.
7. I dislike talking in cinemas, particularly when I really like the movie. I'd sit two rows away  even from my own noisy group whenever necessary.
8. My ortho doctor banned me from wearing high heels due to my herniated discs.
9. I have no room for stuffed animals. I never had a natural inclination to things cute and fluffy (except dogs.)
10. I'm a mermaid. And I will beat you in a swimming race :))))
11. I had pin-straight hair when I was younger. As I grew up it gradually turned wavy. I'm happier with my hair now.
12. I think pink is an obnoxious color.
13. I make badass chicken adobo. (Yeah, baby!)
14. I was invited by a fashion photographer/teacher to pose (for the new zoo brochure, me thinks.duh.) but I declined because...I DIDN'T REALLY KNOW WHAT WAS BEING ASKED OF ME. All my lols!
15. I am hungry.


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