Saturday, October 27, 2012

Life is Short. Have Some Cake (Or Some Passionfruit Yakult Tea)

So life has become a  cycle of wishing, having and being content and happy.
Or wishing, not having, searching again, hurting, almost having, not being happy, trying to find happiness again and being content with the wanting.

If I am not making sense anymore, it is because the PASSIONFRUIT YAKULT TEA at Vanity Works, Limketkai CDO is so damn good! Screw logic, I am woman: temperamental and wired by evolution to want things (passionfruit yakult tea) and not have things (diabetes) at the same time. 

Annihoo, here is the lazy outfit of the day which a friend poinnted out was a mix of Blahhhh and Esmeralda of  that Hunchback story:
(Top Mango. Skirt Tendances. Shoes Nicole. Bag Mango. Aviator RayBan. Belts The Ukayukay!)

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