Thursday, February 12, 2009

Yellow, Erm, Mustard

Ladies and gentlemen, my Sisterazzi. Let's call her M, shall we?
When : February 14, 2009
Where: To school's Foundation Day ceremony
Why : Just the right outfit to keep warm on a cold day such as today. Storm Signal Number 1 for "Bising" is in the local headline. The open-toe pumps won't keep her feet dry. But good thing it didn't rain so heavily. Someone thoughtful must have rain-danced.

Top: Knitted mustard short-sleeved cardi--Candy; Dress--From Night cafe; Blue Pumps--Naturalizer; Newsboy cap--WhatAGirlWants

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  1. We love your blog! that color yellow is fantastic :]

    we're so adding you to our blog roll!