Friday, May 22, 2009

Barrio Lass in The City

Last week I was fortunate to take three days off work to attend my previous boss' retirement party at the capital city. I flew out of my hometown/place of work with ex-officemates and had a blast on the first three days going around places, snapping shots and food-tripping. By weekend I spent the entire time with sisterazzi M doing pretty much the same, with the addition of whoring ourselves to the camera. (Above: view from our condotel room.)
I loved the fact that a 24- hour convenience store sat just below the condotel ( a condominium/hotel hybrid with a kitchen complete with a stove and cooking utensils) where I bought breakfast of my own choosing. The complimentary hotel breakfast was just too greasy.
I also love that I could walk to the store without having to shower first because nobody cared at all. Oh my god, was that too much information? The little black dress is an on-the-go piece of clothing as it doesn't need heat pressing and can be worn alone or with jeans.
The best part after breakfast was our trip to Greenbelt and Glorietta just across our building. For the first time in this city I didn't have to break a sweat riding a train or hailing a cab to get to the nearest mall. From my room to eye candy shops in 50 steps or less!
Dress: Nightmarket; Flipflops: surplus shop

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  1. the nightmarket is heaven. :P