Friday, May 22, 2009

Flying Home

"The world is my catwalk", and the airplane passenger tunnel is my ramp? I wanted to quote the author correctly but cannot, for the love of okra, remember exactly what he/she said or who he/she exactly is.
I didn't do laundry the night before I flew out of Manila so I was left with no other option but to wear short pants, as I've already worn all my clothes. Also, the ATM machine acted up so I didn't get money for pasalubong, hence, the yellow "bitbit baon" pack of pastries from your friendly airport delifrance shop. The pastries did not taste good at all and I learned that too late.
Anyway, I enjoyed Manila whilst romping in my giant chain sandals. Happiness is in a pair of shoes.
Top: Long cardigan--Candy; Knitted Navy tank--Bayo; Short pants--Express; Sandals--People are People; Bag--a nightmarket find


  1. i dunno why; but when i see yellow, i see summer! hee.

    it doesn't look though that you're just going home to our side of the island. from the looks of this, did you just really fly from manila? hahahaha.


  2. Hahaha, I sure did.

    I wish I could say I flew in from the Bahamas or Maldives and the person who took my picture was some war correspondent/indie film writer guy I met there. *giggles*