Sunday, May 31, 2009

Carbon Eyes

Do you like makeup? I do! Having briefly gone to a charcoal/pastel painting class in my first year of high school, it is no surprise that I wanted to at least continue painting--if not on paper then at least on skin, e.g. the face.

Recent hobby: the smokey eye. It's not rocket science, but it can get quite tricky if done with the wrong makeup. I particularly like black smokey eyes as opposed to brown, or even blue, versions of it. I'd like to think I'm brave enough to go to office with very dark and bold smokey eyes. But just when I think I am, I chicken out and go for gray eyecolor instead (pictured above), which is more subtle and office-appropriate.

Anyway, the right black eyeshadow is a must-have for this look. After trying several brands of black eye makeup and getting disappointed with each try, I finally found the perfect one for me, MAC eyeshadow in Carbon, which is the blackest black I have ever seen. It is highly pigmented and goes smoothly over the lids--very easy to apply--without the ugly fallout under the eyes. Plus, it doubles as a dark base, so I can layer another color over it for dimension. It made a dent in my savings (What savings?) but it is worth every peso and centavo. no more raccoon eyes.

Hmmm, can I possibly quit my job and displace Bill Kaulitz' makeup artist, Natalie Franz, that is, after I have mastered, in teutonic style, this guy's schwarz augen makeup?

See, this is THE look I want for my eyes. Fierce. Must. Practice.
Pictured above: Sister M and I at the house after watching Terminator 4:Salvation. M is wearing the carbon shadow under a brown shimmery one from an Estee Lauder palette (freebies from malls. Thanks Ma!) We need to pile on more more more eyeliner, mascara, etc etc.
Thanks to the owner of the Bill Kaulitz photo featured here. I'm sorry I didn't get your name. But thanks anyway. Message me if you want me to take it down. Love you!

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