Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bag Lady/Hobo Hag

Maayong adlaw sa tanan!
Kamu na lang ang magsabot sa akong gisu-ot. Kung palag mo sa crocs nga hugaw, wala na koy mabuhat ana, mga higala, apan gikapoy ko gikan sa trabaho. Ug dili lalim i-photoshop ang hugaw. High five?
I clocked out of work at five pm to go to the "soft" opening of an attorney friend's bar at Carmen. For whatever reason the event got postponed so I met sister J and her boyf at the new Figaro coffee shop here in the city of golden friendship. These prima flats are not my usual choice of footwear as I look frumpy in it. But insofar as comfort is concerned, I am fine with it. If only crocs could make more flattering flats, my feet would be more than ecstatic to wear them.
Father joined us later into the evening and became my photographer. Thank you for the shots Pang! And thank you for the clock/necklace pendant I'm wearing! How did you know I was digging something "old world" like this but couldn't find one in the shops around here? I love love love it. LIEBE!

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