Wednesday, May 27, 2009

If I Were On Top of Tokyo Tower

This is what I'd wear:

Of course, I'd throw on a scarf, too. But I am nowhere near Matsumoto Jun's homeland. Oh well.

It is supposed to be wet season now yet I'm feeling warm. Onset of hot flushes/flashes? I've read that a woman can get it as early as in her mid-20s. I am not going to think about that yet.

Anyway,this sack of a mini dress, worn here as a blouse over leggings, is what I needed to wear. I put on my father's aviator sunnies-- a MISS, since the shape does not suit my face, but whatever. Father just came back from Japan and I deeply, deeply regret not having asked him to buy a Kimi wa Petto DVD starring my favorite Johnny E. boy, the dandypants Matsumoto Jun. Haaaay, Matsujun, you shy, arrogant, walking gummibear, you!

The closest link I have to Matsujun is the picture (first one above) of my father's feet taken whilst going up the Tokyo Tower and, of course, the neuron-fired unborn Fil-Japanese lovechild I'm carrying sired by no other than the dandypants himself. FYI, Tokyo Tower is my favorite Matsujun movie because of, you guessed it, partial nudity. You guys should check it out at free video streaming sites. Have fun hunting! Hahaha! Goodness.

Top: WhataGirlWants; Leggings: Old navy;Shoes: Mendrez;; Bracelet: self-made; Bag: SM

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