Friday, June 26, 2009

Coffee Night in Black Multi-Wrap (Again)

It's one o'clock in the morning and I really should be going to bed. But here I am typing away instead of zoning off to la la land. I just got back home from coffee night with sisterazzi M. We ordered decaf froccinos despite the very cold weather brought by the heavy rain. Oh yes, brain freeze is bliss.

After coffee, we headed off to the hotel where a birthday party was being held. Actually, our parents were guests to that party and we were tasked to pick them up. To kill time, we shot these photos below at the nearby sports complex. People who were playing badminton at the second level stopped mid-game to check out our "photoshoot" from their glass window. We are shameless camera whores.

Decaf coffee? How come this picture came out fuzzy? Hahaha.
Sisterazzi M (below) making another appearance in my blog:
Have a fun weekend everyone!
P.S. Rest in peace, Michael Jackson.
(Top--Cocobana wifebeater under 5&Co. Black Multi-wrap dress; Tights--HUE; Black Flats-Mendrez; Bag-Puma Duchess shopper; Blue Stripe Necktie--Pa's closet)

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  1. That's pretty genius how you wore the tie! love the idea, and both your outfits :]