Saturday, June 27, 2009

Green Saturday

I was at the mall today with sisterazzi M to window shop/scout for stuff on sale. Fortunately, nothing caught my fancy. I say fortunately because I am on a shopping ban. Weather was very warm and humid. My outfit kept me from melting like butter.
These black leggings never die. They just fade, literally. I wear them to almost every place I go except work. They are so comfy, I can't help but wear them all the time. My sisters have been telling me to give skirts a chance. I probably will after my recurring lower back pain subsides. You see, I cannot wear skirts with flats, else I'll feel very stout. But high heeled shoes are a no-no for my lower back these days. So I have to wait until everything heals.

Sisterazzi M wore this colorful vibrant dress. Later tonight she will paint my nails blue.

Happy Birthday to my Zwillingsschwester's mother! Thanks to you, I have a fabulous twin!

(Top: Green spaghetti strap knitted blouse--Bayo; Leggings--HUE; Shoes--Mendrez; Bag--Nightmarket; Faux leather bracelet--Mags)


  1. So cool!! Yes, happy birthday to her. the whole look is quite cool and thge accessories are gorgeous. Rustic but urban and refined.

  2. Awesome leather bag