Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Vixen and a Tramp

T.G.I.F.! Sa mga taga-Cagayan, musta ang Figaro? Walay lami noh? Bitin ang servings and gamay ra mapilian. Lain pay ato, gaka pressure na ko sa drafts doots, langayan kaayo ko. Ok, ok, no biggie.
I can't believe it is already Friday. No turning in of draft reports this week as my boss is on leave until Wednesday next week.
I'm loving these animal print sandals I found at fifty percent off last week and I am lucky enough to have bought the last pair from the store just in time. The heels are chunky ,which makes the pressure on my back significantly less, as opposed to stilettos. Sorry to the lady who had her eye on these sandals which were dangling by the straps in my hands--they are mine. MINE! Insert wicked laugh here.
I haven't the time to make new earrings so I wore the ones sleeping in my bead box. Hopefully I can sell earrings again soon after I find new and interesting beads to work on.
Off to work I go. Maybe coffee later. Woohoo, Friday.
Dress: Bayo; Animal Print Sandals:Gibi; Earrings: self-made; Plastic Bangle: Bomo


  1. cha, chocolate looks flattering on you!


  2. ooh! you are rocking this outfit! hot! love it. :)

  3. @Tin--Salamat daghan Tin! Murag ako, chocolate addict japun.

    @Tiffany--Thank you! Might wear it to the office despite the "no sleeveless" dress policy. Hahaha.