Sunday, June 7, 2009

Blue Sunday

I officially made this Sunday chillax time. This sense of entitlement springs from the fact that I busted my tailbone the entire week, no, not due to any extreme sport but due to hours and hours of sitting in front of the computer, trying to decipher which party/litigant gets this or that part of the previously conjugal properties. Yeah, whatever. Eew, I do not mean to bore you with work-related stuff. My apologies. This is me doing a mini-rant which, I say again, is an off-shoot of self-entitlement. After all, this is MY blog and I can hear myself flutter clapping. Anyway, the ranting ends now.

Moving on to the "look" today, I'm wearing last night's market finds-- the shirt and the bag-- to get siomai and, if I'm lucky, green tea ice cream. Yummy. Does Selecta or Magnolia make such flavor? I do hope so because there is no way I'm going to Manila just to get one at the Japanese fastfood where I first tasted the heavenly dessert (No funds for transpo and *insert quarter life economic crisis here*)

Top: Knitted Royal Blue shirt--Sportsgirl, Nightmarket; Gray wifebeater-- cocobana at SM Dept. Store; Leggings--HUE; Shoes--The Landmark; Bag--Nightmarket

To everyone in my Yahoo Messenger List,


  1. these are really lovely photos!!

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  3. @Emma: Thanks! My sister took these photos with a Canon dSLR. I'm lucky if I get her to be my paparazzi, otherwise, I'd be taking out-of-focus pictures of myself.