Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Why I Love August

August is the month of the year when three in my family celebrate their birthdays--my parents and my older sister. At my Ate's (a colloquial address for an older sister) birthday, we ate lunch at her boyfriend's place and then had coffee in the afternoon. Yumyum. The day also marked the city fiesta, one of the many traditions my country inherited from the three hundred and thirty three years (or so) of Spanish colonization. Naturally, the city had a lot of visitors from the provinces and other cities to join in the fun. There was street dancing in the morning but we didn't catch it. By the time Ate took the picture above, everyone was already inside the hosts' homes taking their fill of the free food. I was glad there weren't many people watching my mini shoot. This particular street, by the way, was named after my great grand-uncle who, during his term as councilor, made possible the establishment of the first public school in the city. Im proud to have a little part of the city named after my family.
Three is not a crowd (Ate, her boyfriend Bryan and me)

(Dress: Mango; Sandals: SM; Leather wristband: People are People; Ring: Celine)

Oh, yesterday was the birthdays of my favorite twins in the world ( The Kaulitzes Bill and Tom of Tokio Hotel). They're 20! My inner fangirl is leaping with glee. I want to thank Issa K., also known as Sunshine, my equally crazy 'twin sister', for squealing with me on the phone as we always do. It's going to be tradition, I tell you. We can't wait until the new album drops.

Ok, I have to go to work now.




    -N + K

  2. i love your blog.
    bisaya diay ka?ako pud.hehe
    love ur style also.i'll be following ur blog from now on. *winks*