Sunday, August 23, 2009


Last week two people very dear to me sent me lovely, lovely gifts. The black and white striped top was from my twin sister Issa (yes, I do have a twin but we have different parents) and the killer pumps from Ate Farrah. Kisses to you both!
I met smart and sassy Issa online last year, thanks to my hormonal obsession with everything Tokio Hotel. We have lots of stuff in common, including crazy ideas, love for Anne Rice's Lestat, girl-crush on Angelina Jolie, arts, makeup, MickeyDees, Japanese animation and of course, the almost criminal fangirling on a 19-year-old Bill Kaulitz (who will be 20 in nine days). I met her in person last summer and let me tell you she is even more amazing face to face. After that meeting we constantly check the other for makeup tips through multimedia messaging (we live a plane ride away from each other) and in one occassion she showed me a picture of her in a purple version of this top. When I told her I was looking for something like it but in black and white, she said she had one and in a heartbeat she told me it was mine! Thank you zwilllings, I am so loving and rocking the striped top. *hugs*
The camel colored patchwork shoes is also a gift from Ate Farrah, my very feisty and stylish family friend who now lives in San Diego, California with her husband and their cute dog Sharpie. She loves high heels, but hers are skycraper-high, and the lady has a bag collection to die for! Thanks Ate!
Today was a very chill day and the only time I went out of the house was when I did a Jollibee run to get lunch. Tomorrow I go back to work with a renewed spirit, knowing that tonight I'll be laughing my a** off watching Ally McBeal. I love love love the men in this series. Billy? Larry? Cage? Fish? Ah, Billy takes the pie, hands down.
By the way, I want to shamelessly plug Tokio Hotel's new album Automatisch coming to stores on October 6, 2009. I hope I'll survive that day because I'm sure I'll be squee-ing from all the excitement. Hahaha! Zwillings!

Sisterazzi M thinks I should post a silly picture of me here. So , here you go. Have a great week!

(Top: I can't read the label, sorry.Short pants--Express; Shoes--Delicious; Bag--Mags)


  1. We are absolutely in love with your outfit! you look so pretty

    -N + K

  2. Thank you Noelle and Kendall! I visit Fansea Pants all the time, you ladies are so sweet.

  3. OMG. is that an oversized Balenciaga Tassle Motorcycle bag is see? OMG. That much cost like crazy.

    cute out fit.

    love, kisses and such! XD

    1. A fake! Haha.
      My third-world-moolah is at, nay, has always been, in its all time low. So, dinhi sah ta sa faux. Haha.

      Love and kisses and such,