Saturday, December 26, 2009

26th Day of 27

My birthday month is nearing its end and I intend to make every single day of December 2009 special.

I bet some of us have woken up one morning and just felt like dressing up even when there's nowhere special to go to, as opposed to putting on one's favorite PJs on Christmas morning, after all energy have been spent merry-making the evening prior. Well, yesterday was one such morning. Lo and behold, an incorporation of color into my everyday aesthetic:I couldn't resist the sun beaming at me from my window, calling me to step outside and get my dose of happy vibes. I fell in love with the snakeskin print of this dress the moment I saw it hanging on the wall of my favorite thrift store. It is subdued yet wild--kind of what I want to be next year.
This costume jewelry (necklace) from Mango remains my favorite piece of hardware. ;) Gah, isn't the sun glorious? Yes, this lover of gloomy weather just said that.
(Snakeskin print dress--Express; Bluegreen cotton cover-up and Red handbag--Mags; Shoes--Parisianne; Mother of Pearl ring--Bomo)

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  1. That dress is beautiful! you look stunning!

    -N + K