Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Before I go to bed and recoup from the charivari last night, I'd like greet everyone who's celebrating today merry, merry Christmas *hugs* Let today be a reminder of all our blessings in whatever shape, form or size.

In the beginning of December my co-workers and I had a blast dancing to the music of Michael Jackson in our annual Christmas Party. The theme this year was Black and White and I showed up looking like this:
Dress--Ukay; Shoes--SM (I squeezed my 8.5' feet into a size 7! Goodness.); Gloves--DIY by me; Cocktail ring--Celine

Michael and I at the entrance to the party. I loved the bright lights that I couldn't resist getting in the moment and pose like Michael.

My buddies from from work, a.k.a. party people burning down the house. The photographer asked us to show our best MJ pose and this is what we came up with.

I have a male "twin" in the Court of Appeals named Paul and not a day goes by without me giving him a bearhug. He has this amazing talent of popping in my pictures without me knowing it, as shown here:
Someone tossed wallet-size calendars of a smutty pinup girl. Unless they're diamonds, honey, no one is going to pick those up.
After the party came coffee. Yes, COFFEE. I changed into something more comfortable--my favorite striped top gifted to me by zwillingsschwester Issa K.
Pictures of my December 25 soon! And oh, I got an award from one of my readers whose blog I follow! More on that in my next post. Oh, Tokio Hotel's WORLD BEHIND MY WALL music video is out already. Darn, I love my German rockers to bits!
Meanwhile, I have to go sleep. Enjoy the holidays everyone!

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  1. Love love love your outfit!
    a little late, but merry christmas!

    -N + K