Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"A Lot Too Hot"

I'm borrowing my hubby Bill's* quotable quotes to describe the place I'm at--the hot, busy and noisy intersection of Vito Cruz-Taft, Manila. Indeed, it's "a lot too hot". As one has to see the positive side of things, thank God the starter pad I moved into is on the fourth floor, which means I burn calories whilst going up everyday after work.I'm settling in and getting by with a help from my friends here. Maraming salamat po. Daghang Salamat. Vielen dank.

Sorry for the lack in posts. As you might have already known (feeling sikat ako hahaha), my official photographers, a.k.a. Sisterazzis, are a hundred miles away. Also, I am preparing for the big task waiting for me at work this Monday and my room still needs a lot of furnishing. Lots of stuff in my hands.

My life is going to be exciting.


*Bill Kaulitz, the sexi hexi German vocalist of Tokio Hotel. He is so hot , he deserves a footnote.


  1. bill is hotttttttttt. yun lang. bili ka ng tripod. i take my own pics... keri naman. LOL

  2. Love ur blog esp the white bag in the previous post! also u rock that stripe top and puffy skirt u wore two post down!!! loving the style!

    xoxo jenna

  3. yay for bisaya!!! i found your blog through jing. makalipay kaayo makakita ug another bisaya blogger. And girl, you got great style. i'm so following you!


  4. So great for youuu!! It's so exhilarating to settle in a new city and to have your friend's help.
    -The Girl at the Atelier's Closet

  5. Whoohooo, this is going to be an exciting journey for you.
    I'm in a similar point in life =)

    Have a great time,

    -The Girl at the Atelier's Closet