Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bursts of Blue

This is what I wore to cousin Tet's wedding back home a little less than a month ago. It looks like a blouse and skirt combo but it is really a dress.

Don't you just love the details at the back of this dress? I think the watercolor flower print on this one is pretty. What say you?

Gah, how am I to lose weight with nasty truffles in tow? Gah!
(Dress: Rico Salandanan; Shoes: Centropelle; Necklace as bracelet: Mango; Rings: Celine and Bomo; Earrings: Stolen from Sisterazzi's boudoir)
I love you, Tet and new cousin-in-law, Alex!


  1. ganda ng combination.swear! you look fab diri Ms. Rissa! lovely in tanan. ;)

  2. SO pretty! Congrats to your brother. I bet he was happy to have his beautiful sister at such an important day. Ahh, i want one of those chocolates!