Sunday, November 14, 2010

Finally A Legit Place to Wear a Scarf and Layer Pants

Day Three.

October in HK is cold. Take out your scarves and boots if you're visiting anytime soon. Or do as I did--layer harem pants over black tights to mimic the oh-so-fashionable-but-they-don't-know-it monks.

The day started with a quick breakfast at Lumix. Ordering ma chang was a challenge as none of the waitstaff spoke English. Pointing at pictures of food on the wall didn't help. I would later on discover that they don't serve ma chang in the morning and that meals with rice is a rarity in that part of the city, especially in the early morning hours. Or maybe I was just plain clueless and thought all Asian cities serve rice any time of the day.

I ended up having continental breakfast instead.

After breakfast came speed-shopping at the busy stretch of Tung Choi Street, Mongkok, Kowloon. The street market was set especially for women shoppers, offering a multitude of thingamajigs from clothes to toys to eyewear to just about anything. (No, Bill Kaulitz, they don't sell tiny human baby parts in glass jars.)
(Top: Notice. tights: Mango. Silk harem pants: Beauty by SM. Shoes: Naturalizer)

While the others were busy hopping from one stall to the next, I was more preoccupied with clicking the camera. I figured pictures were better to take home, as I am prohibited by doctor's advice to carry luggage heavier than the one I already had (read: spine disk injury). Next time I best bring a coin-operated boy to carry stuff for me. My bionic parts are getting old. I will need replacements soon.
For Mavette, a hint of Germany
For Twin Issa, strawberry cream puffs

For Tin, beauty cat from Angel cosmetics store

For me, strawberry bubble tea! Sago ra gud. Pero lami jud kaayu.

For Ate Shai, boots...
And Mavette, more boots!

"I figured pictures were better to take home." What a very cheapskate thing to say.

(Ok, I lied. I actually shopped a little)(Studded Denim Sandals, Black button down tunic, elephant necklace, tall boots, skull scarves and makeup)

Pretended I could read their magazines
By 3 o'clock pm it was time to leave, go to the airport, and enjoy chicken Hainanese rice before takeoff.
I Heart HK. I truly do.

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