Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fish Food Not Friend

Second day in HK saw us traipsing around Ocean Park. (Traipsing? Who uses that word? Maybe John Mayer.)

I didn't go to see the fishes. I want fish on my plate, crispy or steamed. With garlic or soy sauce. Or raw like kinilaw. Not in a giant aquarium where it can happily shimmy its fancy tail at my face. That's like strip tease for men--Look but don't touch. There's enough suffering in the woooooorld already.
FISH FOOD NOT FRIEND. See what I mean?

But my friends didn't seem to think so.
But hey, a shark is not a fish. We're cool.

The beautiful harbor

Chicken and fries. Fish territory bans all form of pescetarianism. FISH FRIENDS NOT FOOD. "Yeah, right," I say with a smirk, like Tin saying, "PIG FOOD NOT FRIEND." I have to say McDo tastes far better than this HK $75 fastfood. And McDo is the faster fast food.
Inside the Panda Shop that doesn't, like, sell pandas. That's, like, not hot. That's, like, lame.
Hurrdurr. (Sorry, I'm chanelling the ditzy.)
The Park restaurant was very visitor-friendly they let you eat with the seals! Uh-may-zing. And you get to feed each other with chopsticks, too! Must tell neighbors! Eeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Even this structure dressed up for Halloween. It reads company memos! Oh em gee.
A little bit obsessed with my new animal friend for now
In sum, I had a grand time. Like, totally.
(Top: Night Market CDO. Jacket: Harrison's. tights: Mango. Shoes: Naturalizer)

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