Monday, November 29, 2010

The Hat. Again.

(Short pants- Mom's. Shirt- Night Market. Shoes- Mendrez. Bag--CMG)

This is quick post before I go to the tile emporium with the parents.

Here I am in my lazy last minute outfit. The hat makes for a decent look. Me in a hat and big sunglasses says, "I am a serious tile buyer. But before I seriously scan your serious tile catalogue, bring me my seriously complementary iced tea.NOW. Calamansi flavor. Because, seriously, I'm going to pass out in this heat!" There's a store for tiles here in town that gives iced tea. Refills, too! I wish all other stores are as generous (and well-ventilated.)

Now let me talk about The Hat. It was a gift from big sister. (I stole it from her closet.)
Hat and I are really good friends and I only wear it outside on gloomy days. How do you wear your hat, what do you wear it with? This hat neophyte wants to know.

Anyway, I can't write further so as to end this post with a witty line or a good ending paragraph--the parents are calling me already and we are about to leave.


(Update: Below is a photo of me flipping through the tile display. Iced tea in my tummy.)

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