Friday, December 31, 2010


The final night of 2010 saw us on a cousins' night out, which typically consisted of dinner, drinks and cam-whoring (in that order.) Considering that our work schedules were quite difficult to synchronize, my cousins and I were already lucky to have found a slot in our 48-hour clocks to do a little catching up. (I miss you, Mavette! Little sister is currently in the UK practicing as a nurse.)

Enjoying the company of your girls on a night-out is just as fun as putting together an outfit for the event. Two patterns I currently love are stripes and florals, so I worked around the idea of mixing them. I looked into my sister's closet for the pieces I'm wearing here. (The saying goes,"The grass is always greener on the other side.") Tada!

(Striped dress and floral blouse--Night Market. Leggings--Hue. Shoes-- Mendrez. Bag--Charles & Keith)

Posing in a jiffy

Oh, how we love the camera. Hahaha.
Cousin Tet and I at the newest Thai restaurant in Rosario Strip
Raffled off these goodies

My sister found perfect compatibility with T-Ice. We support her.
Primping between drinks
Happy New Year from my family to yours.


  1. i super love your cover-up!
    lovely outfits.:D

  2. thank you jing! how about you and i meet up for some thrift shopping, what dyu say? :)