Monday, January 3, 2011

"In Your Atmosphere"-- John Mayer

I'm gonna steer clear
Burn up in your atmosphere
I'm gonna steer clear
Cause I'd die if I saw you
I'd die if I didn't see you there
So I don't think I'm gonna go to LA (Manila) anymore

Cause I miss you
It sucks that I'm not there

I don't think I'm gonna go there anymore
I get lost on the boulevard at nite
Without your voice to tell me I love you, take a ride
Dinner for two is a lonely sight

I think I'm gonna stay
All the street lights say nevermind
All the canyon lines say nevermind
Sunset since we see it all the time, nevermind.

(Top-World Bazaar. Leggings-- Cocabana. Oxford shoes--Gibi)

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