Friday, February 4, 2011

Not One But Two

College Crush resurfaced after eight years of absence. In related news, High School Crush ate 45 minutes of my time in, ehm, blissfully senseless chitchat, thus substantiating eleven years' worth of daydreams. Old crushes die hard.

Too bad College Crush now dons the robe and High School crush is, well, "in a relationship." (Not with me, obviously. Spell ampalaya.)

I hate you. Both of you. Gah.

But anyway, thank you for the giddy.

(Top--Giordano. Skirt--Harrison's. Leopard print scarf--Mango. Oxford shoes--Gibi. Necklace--St. James Bazaar)


  1. You know how I feel about animal prints, but that scarf looks so good with... everything! -tin

  2. I've been lusting over this shoes from Gibi!! :) anyhoo, you totally rock every outfit post fellow Kagay-anon! Hoping to bump into you too around the city, soonest! :)