Saturday, November 26, 2011

Lazy Saturday

(Skirt--Tendances. Shoes--Ambishoes. Shirt--Base Station. Bag-- Bayo)

How have you been?
In the novel by Murakami , 'Norweigan Wood', Toru Watanabe fixed for himself a snack of cucumber wrapped in nori and dipped in soy sauce. Totally do-able, right? Simple, easy and oh-so-amazingly-yummy.
The same can be said of the outfit today: Simple, easy and--nah, forget it.
Can I just tell you how comfortable the shoes were?! I got them from Ambishoes, owned by my friend/high school classmate who has her own line of matching shoes for moms and their little daughters. The bow is a cute detail and one that I have not been particularly fond of until this pair came along. If so minded, check it out.

In a few days I will be saying goodbye to Manila.
Also, I will turn 29 very soon.
Goodbye 28!

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