Friday, July 24, 2009


I'm so glad the week is over. So far it has been an unproductive week as my new case assignment involved a very complicated conflict over a piece of land. Do not allow me to elaborate. A piece of advice though: Please please please get a lawyer and execute a Last Will and Testament. It is for EVERYBODY's peace. Seriously.
(Dress--Alano; Shoes--Parisienne by SM)

Since the internet connection at home is going crazy and I needed to catch up on my online fangirling, I decided to go to the coffee shop to get free wifi.

Last night, sisterazzi and I went to the nightmarket again and I found this dress made of 100% yummy yummy cotton. I love the orange/brown combination of the ethnic print. I was so happy to have found it because it's a dress I can wear to the office--right skirt length, pattern is not too loud, etc. etc. A cardigan or a structured jacket over it will make a nice outfit. Agree or disagree?

Meanwhile, below are pictures of how an overcast morning at home looked like.



  1. Soo coooool!! Your print dress is so gorgeous Ah, African prints are so cool and fun and full of movement. And the shoes. I want!

  2. we love your entire outfit :] that print looks great on you!

    and we hope your case assignment worked out well!

    -Noelle + Kendy