Saturday, August 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Mama

Yesterday was my mother's 56th birthday. It was a slightly busy day which I spent going with my mother as she made last minute trips to the grocery, the wet market and the cake shop all in preparation for her birthday dinner. Dinner menu consisted of yummy Filipino food: Lechon (roasted pig), Kalderetang Kambing (goat meat stew), Adobong Hipon (shrimp sauteed in soy sauce and vinegar), Bopis (pork chitlins). Bopis is not for the faint of heart. But then so are ice cream and moist chocolate cake in enormous servings, right?
So while the shrimp was cooking on the stove, I snapped some photos below. Sorry, no "lookbook" picture for today as I did not have time to switch to more stylish clothes. I thought I should spare you from my shameless posing for today, except this self-portrait *giggles*:
First visitors to arrive, munchkins Mahal and Jan! Jan got a lollipop from mother.

I told Mahal to smile for me but the little girl was shy.

Wine glasses for the booze.

Alcohol versus Non-alcohol

Who can resist red and juicy watermelons?
Sisterazzi M's green salad in mustard and maple syrup dressing
That's my glass of wine. In the background (blurred for your viewing pleasure) are Jackie, who is Sister J's boyfriend's sister, Bryan, Sister J's boyfriend, Sister J and Sisterazzi M. By the way, I love mudshake, the little bottle on the right, because it has coffee in it. Yum yum!

Childhood in a glass

This is a birthday post, but how come there's no photo of the birthday girl? Well, mother said she'd appear in my blog only if she was dressed to the nines. Oh well.
Happy week ahead!


  1. Lovely self-portrait :] also, that ice cream looks delicious. what a fun birthday !

    and we have been trying to respond to your Paulo Coelho tweet for the past two days but twitter is acting up and won't let us ..

    this is what we're trying to say:
    @legallycurly The Witch of Portobello is another good one! Love his writing, he's phenomenal


  2. @ Noelle + Kendall: Oh, really? Yes, sometimes twitter site goes down but its ok now.

    I have not read The Witch of Portobello not because I'm not interested but because I've been busy with work the last two years. But I hear from friends of mine that it is a great read. I will check it out!

    If I may recommend another one of Paolo Coelho's, do read Eleven Minutes, a philosophical discourse on spiritual and physical love.

    Thanks for the sweet comment, ladies!