Saturday, November 13, 2010

Live through this and you won't look back

In the last week of October my co-workers and I flew to Hong Kong for a short vacation. We had a blast seeing sights, eating Chinese, mostly wonton noodles and bubble milk tea, and oggling at the local street style. First stop is Disneyland.

Number 1 of my bucket list now reads,"Be naturalized as a citizen of Mickey Land." Here, I'm waiting for the Parade.
(Striped tee--Zara; Coat--Moda; Shorts- The Limited; Shoes--Naturalizer; Smiles--Disneyland HK)

I'm a sucker for sunsets. Shoot me. Bronze Prince Whats-his-name.
Three days is bitin, I want to go back. I want. I want. I want. My hair loves the cool climate there. Argh. And they have cheap *ss Revlon. Double argh. And most delicious milk teas and wonton noodles. Triple argh.


Have you ever done something so out of character and thanked God you did because, otherwise, you wouldn't have been able to live with yourself NOT doing it? In my case it was coming up to a guy at the, ehm, train station. Sunny Bay, to be exact. Most unromantic of all places. But the story commenced and ended right there. Until seven days later, after a few machinations from God and the cosmos, he called me from overseas and was convinced we have known each other for a long time. Aww.

So, Master Fuego, thank you for calling me a drunkard--I didn't know that the virtual online drinking session was a dead giveaway. And, yes, you are a dolphin no matter how you insinuate that you are a shark with a heart.

I will have to call you out because, contrary to your emphatic musings on the artistic merits of The Lion King, or the lack of it, dancing lions and singing meerkats are not "stoooopid". This, coming from the little kid within me who grew up loving Simba (not JTT) and Scar (Jeremy Irons for voice. Come on.)

And I agree with you that I should have been born in your island. All this time I thought I was Burmese in the past life. But alas, I cannot dance with fire, let alone EAT fire. You love the sun, I, the rain.

Hopefully, if we ever cross paths again, you will remember the curly-haired girl you said you noticed at the MTR on your way to work, the same one who stalked you at Sunny Bay and mustered enough courage to come up to you. Because I am not one of your "screaming Chinese fangirls". I'm just the utterly familiar stranger in the train who, like you (hopefully), now has a Before Sunrise moment to relive in her lonely hours.

Thank you for the memories, too. Fa'afetai.

Wow, haba ng hair ko. For a day. Hahaha.

I'm snapping back to reality now.

(Tin and Bex, massive fa'afetai to you, too.)


  1. What is worse than being a lonely woman who once stalked a possible mate at an MTR? When she comes to point realizing that she's just a cowardly schoolgirl who knows what(or who) she wants, knows how to get it (or him!), but goes through a lifetime without mustering the courage to go out and get it (or him!)!!! So, are you going to wait for destiny to take its own course and wonder all your life savoring the memories? Or should you give destiny a hand and make the possibility...a reality?!!-- From someone straightforward to tell you this.;-)

  2. Hi! Thank you so much for leaving a comment.
    I think I know who you are, because you are the same person who pushes me into doing what I should have done all my life--taking the reign and just LIVE.

    Life surprises us with things we're not always prepared for--like friends. Warm strangers. Free cups of coffee. Wonderful things.

    Thank you so much, you.