Thursday, February 10, 2011

Crashing the bridal suite

Here's a deviation from outfit posts.

My best friend Majan finally got married to Bryan, the man of her dreams, last Tuesday. I'm so happy for her and so proud of what she has accomplished and of how she has come wonderfully into her own. I wish her and her husband an eternity of love and happiness. Charing.

That morning the sun peered brightly though the clouds, a promise of a balmy afternoon ahead-- just perfect for the garden wedding. We, the high school barkada, crashed the bridal suite at Astoria to dress up and prepare for the big event. Below are some photos I want to share.

Traje de Boda

I made this accordion frame for table topper. 12 frames in total.

Bride and Groom's rings

The Bride getting her makeup done. Photo by Dax.

Dax and I fooling around

Closer look of Majan's updo

Camewhoring. To anyone who wants to know, here's a rundown of my outfit:
Top--Oxygen; Harem Pants--Mango; Shoes--Charles and Keith; and scarf--Mango.

Little Kitten, Dax' baby


Jalou and I took turns snapping photos while the wedding planner was busy

Dax with the father of the bride, Tito Leo

Watching Disney Chanel in the living room
(Left to right: Yumi, me, Jai, Mamila and Baby Jam)

Dressed and ready to go
Valentine's Day is around the corner...

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