Saturday, February 19, 2011

That quaint chocolate and coffee place

(Tunic--thrifted. Tights--Hue Shoes--Celine)

This weekend was about me and bessie Mark trolling the city. And when I say trolling I mean the self-deprecating kind-- antagonizing ourselves until the universe listened and inflicted a catastrophic event upon us. Mark's car broke down. It happened more than once in the day. The first time was outside Chicken Chicken in Vito Cruz, the second in the middle of heavy traffic in Quezon City. The result was a change of plans from anitiquing in Bangkal, Makati to having the car repaired at the nearest auto shop. We still got to have fun afterwards--dinner at a steakhouse and coffee at Technohub. I stayed for the night since it was already too late to go home. In the morning we had breakfast at the nice rustic c offee and pancake resto near Mark's place. Just among this city's little surprises.

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